Research Manager and Administrator

(RMA) in Italy

Research Manager and Administrator (RMA) in Italy

The working group “Professional RMAs in Italy” kicked off in 2020 within the CODAU RICERCA (Conference of General Managers of Italian University Administrations) with the aim of enhancing research supporting staff’ s competences. This initiative is part of the ongoing debate on the complex research and innovation (R&I) ecosystem in which the importance of human capital is widely recognized as a fundamental element of the ecosystem itself.

The Research Manager & Administrator is a person working to support the research lifecycle process. This includes (but is not limited to) the following tasks: strategic planning of research activities, organisation of services supporting researchers, lobbying, networking, promotion of research, pre-award and post-award project support; support and advising on research impacts, open science and innovation, on training matters, on research policy, strategy and assessment and a number of topics such as data processing, research integrity and ethics, career development of researchers.

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Our goal is to enhance the level of awareness on RMAs and their professional potential in Italy.


Why identifying a professional framework is important?
Many professions require ongoing continuous training and upskilling and being involved in such initiatives is often considered a prerequisite for maintaining one’s professional level in line with the constantly changing job market demands.
Professional frameworks enable professionals to choose training and career paths. In this view, the working group has been working on creating a professional development framework for Italian RMAs.

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